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WINGS AND WHEELS: A True Story of Angelic Communication


In the past several years I have formed a connection with three women whose children were diagnosed with an aggressive and rare bone cancer called Ewing sarcoma. Our children’s fight against this terrible disease has joined our hearts forever.


These three women - Tina, Gail and Dana - have devoted many hours to the Ewings Cancer Foundation of Canada (ECFC). The ECFC is a public charitable foundation established by Tina and her family in 2008 in response to their late son Reid’s dying wish to help find a cure for this neglected childhood cancer. Gail’s son is a long term survivor and Dana’s daughter Darah passed away a little more than one year prior to my son Noah's death.


Tina resides in Ontario, Gail in Newfoundland, Dana in Manitoba and I in Nova Scotia.


Four moms spread across Canada brought together by heavenly intervention.


Four children but only one survived.


I felt so lost and alone on this obscure trail - to lose a child in such a vicious way was so hard to absorb. Finding the foundation brought hope and a connection to others who had experienced the devastating effects of this cancer. They were doing everything they could to lead the way to a cure.


Since 2015, I had formed a connection of mind and spirit with these ladies. They understood the very core of me for they too walked the fiery path. So I was determined to fly to one of the foundation’s main fundraisers in September 2016 and finally meet them face to face. I needed to stand in their presence and know:  I am not alone.


The “Wheels and Wings” fundraiser was a unique car and air rally with a treasure hunt theme. I booked my flight to Ontario and made arrangements to stay with my sister for a few days before the rally. I was so excited to finally meet them all! It felt especially meaningful since September was Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.


The weekend soon arrived and I flew off, ready for anything but not knowing exactly what to expect. My sister was full of fun and enjoyed organizing adventures so our schedule was jam packed. We spent our first day exploring Ottawa and the next Toronto.


As the second day passed into evening, we returned to our hotel for the night. The next day was rally day. Gathering my belongings, I looked towards the patio of my room. I had been so busy the day before I hadn’t even looked beyond the curtains that covered the doors. Just before checking out, I decided to take a closer look and stepped outside onto the patio. The sun was shining and the back of the hotel had lovely trees, surprising me with a touch of nature inside the bustling city.


My gaze fell upon a long tree limb similar in appearance to a thick vine which was wrapped around the branch of a tree directly in front of my patio; it formed a perfect capital “A”. As my awareness focused on the shape of the branch and I thought of the "A" on the Atlanta Braves hat Noah always wore, I gasped. I smiled and closed my eyes.


Noah often sends the letter "A" as a sign to let me know he is near. I see it in the clouds and many other unusual places.

"Hello Noah - I love you."


We stopped for brunch along the way before arriving at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). The attraction was a fantastic exhibit of blown glass by American glass sculptor Dale Chihuly. To be honest, even though it was a fantastic collection, I didn't really want to stop - my heart was eager to meet the ladies at the rally. But seeing the excitement on my sister's face, I did not resist. I went with the flow. As we explored each unique display we were struck by the beauty and forms of the multi hued glass. We made our way through the exhibit which culminated in a spectacular ceiling of rainbow colors and shapes of magnificent blown glass layered upon a clear glass ceiling.


As I stood there amongst a crowd of people admiring the layered glass shapes on the ceiling above, I was suddenly struck by the colorful watery reflections of light that extended down the walls. The flowing forms took my breath away with their simple beauty. I automatically reached for my phone to snap some pictures of the glowing light reflected from above. My attention was arrested by the images captured on my phone. They seemed powerfully striking, flowing and ephemeral. One golden image resonated and stood out to me.


Ripples of cascading light transformed the reflection on the wall into a glowing angel in my photograph.


Wings rippled around the angel in her long flowing gown - I could see a golden crown upon her head.


Looking closer, I glimpsed shining faces inside the flowing waves of golden light. I suddenly had a feeling these shining visages were those of our cherished children nestled in the embrace of this beautiful angel’s wings. Chills ran down my back as I stared, transfixed by this exquisite image which radiated pure love. One thought raced through my very being. Our children were safe, tucked lovingly into the winged embrace of this golden angel. Gold resonated for so many reasons. The awareness ribbon for childhood cancer is gold and it is symbolic of love and light. Our children lost to cancer were cherished and safe in the arms of God and this transcendent angel.


As I stood gazing raptly into the eyes of this divine presence, my mind raced with so many thoughts. I wanted to shout out to everyone in that room, “Look at this incredible angel! Can you see her?” But they did not. They were oblivious to the fact that they were in the presence of such heavenly grace. The images were not visible to the naked eye. They had only assumed their form through the lens of my camera!


I glanced at the many people gathered admiring this fabulous exhibit. There they all stood, looking up, entranced by the glorious glass ceiling. Don't get me wrong, the glass shapes were magnificent but everyone in that room was completely unaware of this exquisite message from a higher consciousness. I was being shown something most would never see.


It was miraculous.


And truly humbling.


I realized how fitting it was to receive this message only moments before we were due to head off to the Wheels and Wings Rally. There was a powerful yet poignant knowing in my heart that the children were sending me a message - they were safe. I stood trembling, overwhelmed by emotion, unable to fully process the message I was being gifted in that moment. My heart flooded with the deepest sorrow and joy you could ever imagine. I felt an opening, a connection to spirit that was deep and comforting in its profound love.


And I knew.


I knew without a doubt that Noah was letting me know he had never truly left and would always be WITH us, OF us.


After leaving this display, we visited another part of the museum and I sat for a moment collecting my thoughts and reviewing each picture. Another image resonated. This one a golden wing with what appeared to be the shape of an awareness ribbon beside it! Yet another golden image looked like a hazy outline of a wise man’s profile as he sat, holding a staff; a child was kneeling by his side. I saw an “A”…and grabbed my phone and madly started typing my thoughts so I could remember to share this with my friends after the rally.



There appears to be a golden wing with an awareness ribbon-like shape to the right.


A wise man sits, hands on a staff, index finger extended. At his feet children kneel with their arms open wide.


I also had another epiphany: had I resisted seeing this exhibit in my desire to rush to the rally, I would never have received this sign from God/spirit/the universe/the divine source! In that moment, I felt a profound appreciation for my sister and for being gifted such an extraordinary message. I knew the angelic images were for us all. Somehow, someway along this crooked path I had discovered a gift I never imagined possible: a gift of peace in knowing our loved ones were always connected. For that, I was truly grateful.



We arrived at the rally and I was so excited to see Gail waiting for us at the entrance. It felt like I was coming home to my “people”. Gail was a warm, welcoming presence with the most wonderful voice. I could have listened to her speak all day. We two had met briefly once before and she felt like a trusted friend. Soon we were at the hangar where the barbecue and auction portion of the event took place. It was filled with lovely auction items and many people.


Then it was time to be introduced to the others. Tina was an energetic whirlwind with a fierce determination and warmth. Next, came Dana who was down to earth and confident; a scientist and natural healer rolled into one friendly package. I knew we would all become fast friends. It was just that easy. I was so grateful to my sister and her partner for sharing this moment in time and embracing this rally with me.


I met so many lovely people at the rally. Many were parents of children who had passed on from Ewing sarcoma. Thinking of the image of the angel I had seen earlier, I yearned to tell them all. But how does one blurt out to a virtual stranger that you just saw a picture of an angel and you feel their child is with her and at peace?


Sadly, you don’t.


I hope they read this some day and know their children are safe and feel some comfort.


In speaking with one family, their raw pain of grief felt so familiar. I remembered reading their child’s story and the pain of their devastating loss. Suddenly, I noticed a large, round, fluffy dandelion seed floating around the mom. It traveled up and down the side of her shoulder in what I imagined to be a tender loving caress - a dandelion kiss. I had the strangest sensation it was her child saying, “Hello.”


The moment felt surreal and my attention came back to the conversation as the parents told Gail what a wonderful person she was for working so hard for this cause - all of our cause. Gail’s son is a survivor and we all knew how difficult it would be to immerse ourselves in this work with the daily reminder of the grim reality of relapse.


All too soon the rally ended. Later that evening, I had the pleasure of meeting Tina, Gail and Dana for dinner. When an appropriate pause in conversation arose, I took the opportunity to show the ladies the pictures I took that very morning at the ROM. They too were amazed and comforted by these photos. We talked very openly about all our experiences with signs and messages that we have been fortunate to receive from spirit. It is truly astounding and ever so comforting!


I showed them one last photograph my sister had only just sent me. Taken - unbeknownst to me - that day at the ROM. In the photo, I stood entranced by the cascading images of light reflecting from the magnificent blown glass ceiling. Directly in front of me on the wall was the full length image of the angel I first saw through the lens of my camera. She was both striking and awe inspiring. What a gift to be given this final image from someone I love dearly - my sister. She told me later, that she was inspired to take the photograph of me because I was so transfixed by the reflections on the walls.


We were all uplifted and energized by the message and the comfort of each other’s company. It was a lovely trip with such meaning. It felt as though I had known these three ladies forever.


The photo my sister took of me facing the angel in all her glory! Notice the male figure to her left. He appears to have a halo.


Another photo of the haloed male figure whom I believe represents the promise of love and protection from  Jesus.



The next day Gail, Dana and I said one last goodbye to Tina and then headed to the airport together to fly off on our separate ways in this vast country of ours. On the way to the airport I had my sunglasses on and noticed a strange prism effect on the windows of our taxi. I took off my sunglasses and it disappeared but when I put them back on it reappeared on both Gail's window and my own. Curiously, I asked the others to put on their sunglasses to see if they saw the prism but they did not! As they continued to chat about new directions with the foundation, I gazed at the prism of colored light and wondered what it meant.


When we reached the airport, we said goodbye to Dana. Then Gail and I headed to our terminal. Once inside, I slipped off to the ladies room. Thinking in awe of the prism, my thoughts were racing. I kept thinking prism…prism…looks like a rainbow…pot of gold comes after a rainbow! My thoughts wandered to leprechauns, four leaf clovers and good fortune. It gave me tingles thinking about it! Throughout the weekend, we discussed new directions for the foundation and for each of us as individuals. The night before during dinner, we had all commented on how our lives seemed to be in a period of change and new directions.


Seeing a rainbow is always a wonderful thing - it is a universal symbol of hope, luck, fortune and wishes coming true. It is the promise of a new start after the devastation of the flood and represents God’s promise to another Noah from another time. The promise that never again will he let floodwaters destroy all life.

Bemusedly, I looked down and felt a jolt of recognition. My sister had given me a “just like new” pair of jeans when I visited that weekend and today was the first time I had worn them. On the inside of the zipper was the phrase "lucky you" and there were pictures of 4-leaf clovers on the fabric of the inside pockets.




Could this be connected with all the four and five-leaf clover we have found in our lawn – fifty five four-leaf clover and five five-leaf clover to be exact? Whatever the meaning, it gave me hope. There was a new beginning on the horizon and I could feel changes brewing.


So I boarded my plane for home and started a new journey. I wasn’t sure where I would end up but I had clovers in my heart and Noah by my side. And a faith in the divine’s message that somehow, someday, everything would be alright despite the floods of yesterday.



This true story is one of the many extraordinary events/signs I have experienced in the three years since my son, Noah, died.


Believing this connection was possible was the first step for me in opening up to miraculous signs and guidance from God/spirit/the universe/source/a higher consciousness. The second step was to let the magic unfold without resistance and to surrender to the process. What do I mean by this? Simply allowing events to unfold organically without judgement or preconceived thoughts of how it "should" be. For example, had I resisted going to the exhibit with my sister that day, I would never have received this amazing sign.


Love and light,

Dawn xo BSc | BEd

Reiki Master | Energy Synergist | Writer

Dawn Williams is a Reiki Master in the Usui Shiki Ryoho/Tibetan Reiki Method of Natural Healing. Her work infuses Reiki with the Resonance of Symbolism & Intuitive Story. Open the Portal of Services to discover how to plug in to your own inner magic.


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Wings and Wheels – A True Story of Angelic Communication
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  • January 10, 2018 at 12:23 pm

    Dawn I do not remember EVER reading a more beautiful, powerful message. The sadness of losing a child never goes away but there is comfort in knowing they are “OK”. Here is a hug for you and for me as for some reason it helps!!

    • January 10, 2018 at 2:13 pm

      Dear Beth, I am so happy you received the gift in this message from OUR dear children. Yes hugs help so much.👼👑💙

  • January 19, 2018 at 8:48 am

    Dawn, your friendship has meant so much to me. You’ve given me a perspective I never considered about signs from Spirit. I’m glad the four of us found one another. You all give me hope and it is my honour to work for your kids’ memory and those still here. XO G

    • January 19, 2018 at 9:18 am

      Dear Gail, despite the horrible circumstances surrounding the reason we have met, I too feel blessed to call you friend. You are truly an inspiring and heart based woman and I am so grateful to have met you and call you my friend. xo

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