“Let’s get to know one another,” the instructor smiled. “We will all take turns. When it is your opportunity to share, please say your name and your first initial. Then tell us a word beginning with that letter which describes the essence of who you are!”


We all sat in a circle around the instructor as the class began. A friend had posted about this class and it sounded interesting to me – a few hours of magical creativity plus a little bit of yoga. To be honest, I wasn’t really into yoga so it was definitely the creative slant that drew my attention. But to clarify, the yoga was great as well. So there I was on a lovely weekend morning with about a dozen other women, eager to see what the day had to offer.


As my turn drew near I asked myself, “Who am I?” What one word beginning with D best described me? “divine” – the word echoed in my mind. My first startled thought was, “Oh no. I can’t say that.” Didn’t that sound egotistical? I grasped for an alternate word, soon it would be my turn! But my mind went blank. And then I had a realization. If Divine meant the very essence of who we ALL were – connected to source and infinitely loved – then didn’t this word describe the core of every one of us at our very truest self?


All eyes were on me. I smiled and said quietly, “Hello, I am Dawn. I am a story teller and my name begins with D for divine.” And I realized it was true; by speaking it out loud I was validating my own recognition of myself and every other person in that room as a being of divine essence. I wasn’t uncomfortable, it felt like truth.


Later, I also registered that I had made a conscious decision to describe myself as a story teller and not a writer, although I am that as well. Because at the very essence of my writing is the desire to tell my story and that of my child… and so much more. I love that term, “story teller”! So much of my writing began as a story that had to be told as it bubbled its truth up inside me, bursting to be released.


Stories were sent as emails, texts and Facebook + Instagram direct messages. They were consumed with mass amounts of coffee as I said to friends, “Do I have a story for you!” The smiles, laughter and tears we have shared over those stories have bonded us in friendship and the realization that we are not alone. That’s what stories do. They live within us all waiting to be shared, given permission to grow or dismantled when they no longer serve purpose within our world. Everything is a story waiting to be told.


The next part of the class was to generate an intent of what we wanted to achieve as a group and as an individual in the creative process. We produced a vision board of sorts of the collective intent with words such as:  fly, love, bloom, transform, imagine and soar. And the list went on and on.


We then did several other exercises, one of which was to trace an outline of our feet and color them in, using our imagination for inspiration. I decided to step one foot slightly in front of the other, symbolizing my wish to move forward on the path.


I silently asked to progress and evolve in any way that served my greatest good. I was inspired to use the colors of the seven main chakras to represent my wish to create balance within and without. It felt powerful and as I stepped back into my footprints, I felt a surge of energy flow into my intent.


Finally, one of my favorite exercises was to let the flow of creativity guide us in creating a watercolor picture. Flow and water are the foundation of creativity and I connect with them very strongly. This is my finished painting. If you look closely you may find fish, blue ribbon and a star. I was inspired to add the words after the workshop as I reflected on the lovely day.



I realized that at fifty years of age I am just getting to know me. Allowing myself the creativity and space to do what is uniquely me. What feeds my soul and allows me to find some peace in this tipsy, topsy world we live in.


So what would you say if you were in that circle? Who are YOU? If you used the letter of your first name to describe your very essence, what would it be?


Food for thought on this Thanksgiving weekend where we will all be stuffing ourselves with delicious food, but the important question is, “How do we feed our spirit?”


Have a wonderful weekend filled with blessings my friends.

Dawn xo

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Who Am I?
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    Divinely Dawn 💗💗💗💗
    I love your stories. 🙏🏻
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      aha, love it – Caring Cara – this is perfect! xo

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