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Part 1 - Spirit Animals

How Can They Help You?


Standing on the bridge, I was mesmerized by the shape that took form in the ice below. The edge of the lake was frozen, it was late February and the cold wind seeped through my down coat.
But I wasn’t cold for once.
A rush of heat pulsed through me as I stood, mouth open in shock at what I was seeing. The jagged edges of ice formed a compelling outline.
It looked just like a polar bear and her two cubs! One was facing forward. The other was in profile, half in and half out the picture.
Just like my ‘cubs’ I thought in pain. “Is that you Noah, did you come back?”
For a moment, I imagined the cub spoke with the fierce resolve of a frigid Arctic landscape.
“I never left,” was what I heard.
The mother bear seemed to rear up on two legs, fiercely protecting her cubs and her patch of ice. She was the master in this harsh landscape and somehow, I knew she was going to teach me how to master my own bleak reality of loss.
When I arrived back home, I looked up the symbolism of polar bear and was amazed at what I found. The spirit of polar bear had so much to offer me:
“Polar bear magic is transcendence, mind over matter and clairvoyance. Her harsh habitat has instilled gratitude for even the smallest things and made her a symbol of peace through acceptance of that which she cannot change. Her overriding message is that we must surrender to become a master: surrender to the transformation process that is necessary to master polar bear’s harsh habitat.” -Universe of Symbolism
Life blood coursed through my veins, carrying oxygen and something else...
“Welcome, Polar Bear,” my heart whispered in gratitude.


Polar bear showed himself to me another day. A reflection of white clouds illuminate his image submerged below the blue water.


This was my first experience with the magic of Spirit Animals and the wisdom and guidance they offer. Polar bear has led me on a journey of self-discovery and helped me understand that I am capable of mastering the most hostile environment – that of extreme grief and loss.
She has helped me transcend my suffering in the most amazing ways.
Since then I have encountered many animals symbolically and literally. Ever fascinated to learn about the magic they bring, I am an eager student.
Sometimes the animals bring a single message of clarity and other times they visit for a while, allowing their wisdom to unfold.
I could never have imagined in 2016, that I would be standing here today as a Reiki Master/Energy Healer and soon to be finishing the Munay-Ki Rites (Shamanic Earth Keeper Initiations).
Back then, it was all I could do to face one more hour without my son, let alone one more day. But polar bear has led me through terrain I never imagined possible!
This is the power offered through Spirit Animals, symbolic imagery and intuitive guidance. It is available for us all if we allow the possibility.


Which brings me back to the present day magical experience I had while receiving the Harmony Rites for the Munay-Ki.
During this Rite, seeds of the 7 Archetypes are planted in the chakras. Which when nurtured, allow the sludge of dense energy from all directions of time and space to be transformed…
As I lay on the practitioner’s table, energy began coursing up from the earth into my feet, flowing upwards as my body began to tingle…
That’s when my Power Animal showed up.
Part 2 - Journey to the Lower World: It's Not What You Think

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Dawn xo Reiki Master | BSc | BEd

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Spirit Animals: What the Heck Are They?
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