My intention for this long-distance Reiki+SR session was to feel better and more emotionally grounded; I felt this resoundingly and more deeply than I imagined possible!
The session confirmed the blockage I felt was other people’s energy that I was carrying around, blocking my personal power. There was a physical release as Dawn worked over my solar plexus (remotely). The healing was felt immediately and progressively. I experienced relief for the first time in a long time!
Dawn’s observations were amazing - the connection and truth resonated deeply. This session opened me up to a deeper belief in the power of the moment, letting go and the renewable healing power that surrounds me constantly!
Deb Pyne-Young | Digby, NS

“You have such an amazing ability to welcome the whole person at ‘in-person’ sessions. I felt immediately safe and taken care of - which is so important and doesn’t always happen, and then effects the session. This helped me to both relax and be present, in that moment & open to the energy. Your ability to receive messages in preparation for your session with me - was so grounding for me. 

The long-distance Reiki you sent Rita (beloved family cat) and I, was an absolutely incredible experience - the gift you gave to me - knowing what Rita needed. I know it could have been measured with my pulse/heart rate was literally like I felt a switch click off. I was overcome with a sense of calm, which allowed me to be there for her in her last hours.

You are such a beautiful, gifted and amazing healer.” 

-Sonia & Rita | Fall River, NS


"Dawn is a truly GIFTED healer; I highly recommend her unique approach to energy work to help TRANSFORM your life!"

—Amy Dempster | Montana, US

"In my long distance Reiki+SR session with Dawn, I’d asked her if she could focus her work on my left hip. I’d had unexplained pain in this hip off and on for at least 20 years. Every doctor, chiropractor and massage therapist I’d seen had told me there was no medical explanation for the pain.

I didn’t expect to be able to relieve the pain but hoped that Dawn could receive some intuitive information about where the pain was coming from. As it turned out, this session opened up an energetic portal that allowed for complete healing of this pain.

Dawn received a message that the pain was related to contracts my ancestors had agreed to in their lives that did not align with mine. She was able to burn those contracts and remove much of the associated blockages in my chakras and energy field. In the weeks after my session, my ancestors continued to come forward to complete the healing work and as a result, the pain has completely disappeared for the first time in my adult life."

"Dawn has a truly UNIQUE gift and INTUITIVE awareness for tapping into how the body speaks. She has the ability to ZONE in on issues that need the utmost HEALING."

—Annette Vidito | NS, Canada

"My Reiki experience with Dawn was AMAZING. The treatment was so clearing and calming, even weeks later this continues to RESONATE with me. Instantly, I could feel the SHIFT that removed all that I was carrying around. I would recommend this treatment and experience with Dawn. It will be a continual part of caring for me."



"It was exactly what I needed in order to work through THOUGHT and EMOTIONAL patterns which no longer served my higher PURPOSE." 

—Sherene | Halifax, NS

"Dawn is a very talented INTUITIVE. I received guidance and CLARITY through working with her in a series of distance Intuitive Reiki+SR sessions with guided visualizations. Dawn’s empathy, the insights she provided, and her sincerity and warmth worked together well to give me a RICH experience that I won't soon forget. It was a fascinating experience from which I BENEFITTED GREATLY, I feel blessed to have had her be a part of my process. I recommend her to anyone who is seeking assistance with spiritual matters."



I previously had a long distance Reiki+SR session with Dawn last year. The session proved to be quite STUNNING. Among other things, she saw something that no one but me knew about and which was completely IMPOSSIBLE to make up. So, I did not hesitate to come to her for an in person appointment a few months later. Dawn is a warm, soft spoken and attentive person who genuinely cares about her clients.

During this in person session, I experienced some unusual sensations such as an electrical current running along my body, a strong heat radiating between my body and her hands and I felt a ball of fire rushing out of my brain. In the few days before the session, I was going through a lot of thinking about my goals and my life. After Dawn revealed to me the signs she saw for me, my insecurities went away. I regained CONFIDENCE in my ability to make decisions and it felt really good. Thank you, dear Dawn.

—Céline Rouillard | NS, Canada



My appointment with Dawn was so synchronistic. As I was ready to go visit a friend in Wolfville, NS, another friend shared a post about Dawn of 4Leaf4Life. I went to check her website and I was drawn to her, most especially to the Synergistic Resonance. So when I found out where she was located, I knew this was meant to be as it was almost on my way to Wolfville.

At Dawn's suggestion, I had written out my intentions for this session, and my intentions for this session were met and beyond. What a synchronous event it was meeting her and coming to see her for Reiki+SR. Dawn received and passed on so much information and messages from Spirit, and it felt like everything was falling into place. Dawn is very gifted and very generous with her time and wisdom, and I am very grateful to her. And I thank Noah too for leading her on this path!

—Jocelyne Le Breton | NB, Canada



Dawn facilitated a long distance Reiki + Synergistic Resonance session for me. Before the session life felt like turmoil and unclear of what to do next. One session with Dawn and I felt balanced in mind, body and spirit. In addition, I received insight into myself only the depths of my soul would have known and in that, came the answers of my next steps to take.

—Chrissy Anne Hollis | Spiritual Coach | NB, Canada



I have been on the receiving end of Dawn’s long distance Reiki+SR sessions, and it was a beautiful and enlightening experience. Dawn is innately connected to a source beyond our physical bodies, and taps into that magic as she helps you in opening up your own pathways to healing and liberating energy. I can't wait for another session!

—Becky Keen | Soul+Business Coach | NS, Canada



I am thankful and grateful for having the opportunity to experience one of Dawn's long distance Reiki+SR sessions. This was my first experience with Reiki and I found it very enlightening and beneficial. We scheduled a date and time for the session which helped me better prepare. I feel the energy that Dawn connected to opened my eyes to many things about myself on a personal level and gave me a foundation for development and growth. After the session I felt a sense of clarity, warmth and gained a deeper understanding of myself. The report I received from Dawn after the session was fantastic as it provided me with the symbols and messages she had received. I would definitely recommend a session with Dawn if you are curious about Reiki+SR.

—Amber Budd | Scotland



Dawn’s gentle demeanor put me at ease right away, but nothing could have prepared me for the wealth of intuitive messages that poured out of her at the conclusion of my in person Reiki+SR session. With a profoundly kind and loving presence, she brings such sincerity and heart to her work. It’s obvious that Dawn truly wants to help people heal.

—Renée Hartleib | Professional Writer and Writing Mentor



Dawn's ability to tune in to her client's energy is her gift. She uses this gift during her Reiki treatments to make each session individual, personal and healing. Energy blocks can be released and growth and healing accelerated. The lasting effects of my in person Reiki+SR session with Dawn are still with me. I would recommend Dawn to anyone who wishes to discover their full potential and connect more deeply with their authentic self.

—Tracy Ernst | NS, Canada



Dawn is dedicated to the energy work of Reiki, for her own growth and well being and to assist others physically and emotionally. The gentle energy of long distance Reiki from Dawn has helped me with clarity, focus and insight.

—Jo-Anne | Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Yoga Instructor, CYT | NS, Canada


“I would highly recommend you experience Dawn's sessions first hand.

—Karen Hart | Truro

“I would like to share my BEAUTIFUL experience with Dawn. As a Shamanic Practitioner, it was wonderful to have this healing given to me. It is hugely beneficial to everyone to have their body aligned energetically and healers also need to be helped along their journey. After the healing session, I felt ENERGIZED and a SHIFTING/RELEASE of stale energy.”




First, I would like to say for me, this was a journey that was unexpected, but so empowering. What your intention is going in may not be what your third eye wants you to see or experience. The subconscious is a mystical thing that guides you ever so softly with nuances and light brush strokes. Like a painting that is incomplete, until you let all your senses surrender to what may be possible. This was my experience with Dawn.

Dawn is one of the most compassionate and caring people I have ever met. This comes through in her session with her ability to “feel” and “experience” what you are. She is truly intuitive and enabled me to become totally relaxed.

My trust in her allowed me to leave behind any preconceived thoughts I may have had. Dawn walked me through the session with a calm voice and a gentle touch. It is the first time I have really listened to and experienced my truth. I have a mind that seldom shuts off, so for her to have my mind open in this way was truly amazing.

For me, this was extremely emotional and I am ever so grateful to Dawn for sharing her gift with me. It is an experience I will never forget.

—Dawn Snow | Fall River, NS




I had experienced only one Reiki session previous to my first appointment with Dawn, and unfortunately it was in a cold, unwelcoming office which did not make for a pleasant first exposure. Because of that, I was a little hesitant going into this session but this was a completely different experience!

We began with a guided meditation, which immediately set a very relaxed, safe and open tone. Dawn then performed a Mental/Emotional procedure before my Reiki session began. For the treatment, I was laying on her table with a blanket covering me. I immediately went from feeling warm to feeling cool tingling sensations all over, starting in my legs and arms then spreading throughout my whole body.

I felt very safe and protected and it was very easy to let thoughts flow, where I usually find it very difficult to quiet my mind. Dawn gives very clear explanations of what she will be doing before she begins the treatment, and provides very intuitive and useful feedback after each session.

Many symbols presented themselves during my session. Dawn and I chatted afterwards and shared our individual experiences and connected many different amazing signs.

She told me I might expect vivid dreams in the following weeks and that it’s a good idea to write them in a journal as soon as you wake up. I did this and was amazed to see what came through in my dreams because I know I would not have remembered the details if I hadn’t written about them right away.

I was also the recipient of one of Dawn’s long distance Reiki treatments. I will admit, I was a bit skeptical of the distance idea, but again it was an amazing experience. We spoke before the session and she told me what time she would begin so I was relaxed as to better receive the energy. After the session Dawn connected with me again to tell me what symbols she saw and explain their relevance to me, and it all very much resonated with me.

Both of my healing sessions were wonderful experiences and left me feeling very refreshed and grounded.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dawn as a Reiki practitioner and healer for anyone looking to clear energy blockages, release tension and stress, or just aid in physical and/ or spiritual healing.

Do yourself a favor and treat your body and spirit to one of Dawn’s treatments.

Thanks Dawn!
Until next time,

–Tanya | Fletchers Lake, NS




I was very sick with the Alberta FLU. My body was hurting, my eyes were stinging and the pressure in my head was extreme. I could not sleep, I had a fever for 4 days and no medicine was alleviating any of it.

On the 4th day, Dawn intuitively reached out to me via text to see how I was doing. When I told her I was sick, she immediately knew she was to send me distance Reiki: I had been asking the angels to help me with Reiki as I was too ill to do it myself! She completed a full session on me that evening…and yes, I slept the whole night. AND when I awoke…my eyes did not hurt and the pressure in my head had been lifted. I was so grateful.

BUT that is not all; I would like to share with you the experience of the session (especially for those of you who have not received a distance session from Dawn before).

I could feel the light coming into my body from my head to my toes. To describe this…it was like having an X-ray sheet (invisible piece of paper) scanning my body from the crown of my head to the bottom of my feet, sifting through my it was collecting the dust (or in my case the virus) and leaving clear light in its place.

What I loved about this experience was, as the ‘scan’ continued Dawn received messages in each energy center of my body (chakras). At the end of the session she was able to share those messages and provide insight as to what was going on. For example, in this session she was feeling heat at my crown, that it was wide open…..and a grizzly bear presented.

Symbolically representing a need for me to reassess my boundaries and enforce them. This is true in my life as I had fallen into a pattern of putting my kids first, not a bad thing, but forgetting myself in the process. I was being reminded that I NEED to put me first. 

At my third eye, a cord was removed - which was probably what helped relieve the pressure from my head. Otter also appeared, indicating that I was transforming in the area of my intuition with the Divine Feminine. This is also true in my life as I am expanding my business: I am an intuitive psychic ready to serve in new ways. 

As Dawn continued to my throat she noticed a lot of ‘gook’ or energetic debris blocking this area. ‘Gook’ was taken from my throat for transmutation to assist with the healing. I had been coughing and it had felt as though ‘stuff’ was stuck in my throat. Scorpion energy also appeared in my throat area which is where we speak our truth. Dawn felt it represented anger, too many balls in the air, venom. This was true as well, in order to expand in my business, I need to be honest with myself (truth) and put myself first, healing the toxic patterns.

Finally, a release occurred in my heart chakra allowing me to see the joy in my life and experience more of it, reminding me that is my true nature. The rest of the way to my feet was pretty clear…which was also TRUE…as my sickness was all from the chest up.

I am truly grateful that Dawn has entered my life and for being on the receiving end of her Synergistic Sessions. This was not my first session, but I felt guided to share this experience to help others understand the experience of a distance session from Dawn. I simply lay in my bed as she did her thing!

I received an email from her, when she was finished, summarizing all that ‘came to her’ during the session. The synergy of the energy work and her intuitive messages left me feeling clearer, lighter in my mind, body and soul and provided clarity in knowing what was important for me on my next steps.

I know it may ‘sound’ odd to receive a session remotely, but as we know from quantum physics, time and space does not exist and therefore Healing may occur at ANY time and ANY place. A true convenience in the world we live in.

Thank-you Dawn for your intuition, your abilities in channeling life force energy to assist healing and for BEing YOU! If you are feeling low, stuck, confused, or even happy, joyful and loving, I would recommend that you book a Synergistic Session with Dawn and experience the healing, clarity and guidance for yourself.

—Cara Marshall | BEng | ANAM CARA | Reiki Master+Teacher | Shaman

Alberta, Canada



Testimonials on this website are representative of best case scenarios, illustrating the limitless potential of Reiki+SR. Some sessions are more "uneventful" in nature creating an unshakable foundation for future breakthroughs, while others are profound. As is true for all growth, balance is created by setting strong roots. Results reflect the willingness and effort on behalf of the client to embrace energy work.


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