Alchemize Your Healing Potential

4 Weeks. 4 Sessions.
Supported. Empowered. Enriched.
S.E.E. with REIKI+SR

Four years ago, I had a dream that expanded my vision, my understanding of what was possible. Some dreams are more than dreams, they are our soul's way of alchemizing change and propelling us towards our greatest destiny. In that dream, I found myself underground, peering at a space ship which was just pushing from the surface.


I could feel the power in that sureal craft, and some deep part of me understood that it represented my deepest potential, pushing to the surface, wanting to be launched, needing to be birthed. Since that day I've never looked back as Soul birthed a new Dawn.
And that's what I want for you too...
This package is designed to launch you into your highest flight path for the optimum potential that is available for you NOW.
Right here in this moment.
It is an opportunity to work in a very focused way over the span of a month to bust through blocks, empower your dream and move ahead with confidence.
I will open up 1-2 spots each month to work with me in this way. I am currently taking applications for April 2020.
Are you hearing the call of Reiki+SR?

Are you ready to launch?

This experience is for women who are committed to their own healing expansion and ready to create lasting change.


"It was exactly what I needed in order to work through THOUGHT and EMOTIONAL patterns which no longer served my higher PURPOSE." 

—Sherene | Halifax, NS

"Dawn is a very talented INTUITIVE. I received guidance and CLARITY through working with her in a series of distance Intuitive Reiki+SR sessions with guided visualizations. Dawn’s empathy, the insights she provided, and her sincerity and warmth worked together well to give me a RICH experience that I won't soon forget. It was a fascinating experience from which I BENEFITTED GREATLY, I feel blessed to have had her be a part of my process. I recommend her to anyone who is seeking assistance with spiritual matters."


Step into the creative energy of Vision and Grace.


WEEK 1 - Come home to belonging.
This first session is all about creating flow, grounding into the present moment to receive all that is available right now and setting intentions for your healing expansion. This is a 60 minute call guided by Reiki+SR to focus the energy of intent and begin aligning to the flow of creation.


WEEK 2 - Preparing for flight.
A full distant session of Reiki+SR aligns your chakras as we deep dive into the energy that is blocking your forward motion. During this session your energy body is scanned and restored on a deep level using Reiki as a foundation. Chakras are aligned, your aura is cleared and any messages from soul are recorded for discussion. We meet on Zoom after the distant session to discuss findings and a full written energy report is provided within 3 days of your appointment.
WEEK 3 - UnEarth your wings.
Special healing modalities will be incorporated in this Reiki+SR session to amplify releasing, healing and aligning with intentions. Some of the modalities which might be used are Psychic Surgery, the Reiki Healing Attunement, Heso Chiryo Ho, Tanden Chiryo Ho, the Three Fold Flame, and visualizations. A 60 minute Reiki+SR distant session plus 30 minutes on Zoom to go over the details is included in this weeks offerings.
WEEK 4 - Launch into expansion.
The content of this week's healing session will be custom tailored to what is needed following the course of this program. Each person is unique in their healing whole-ing path. Expect one 60 minute session of Reiki+SR followed by a 30 minute Zoom consultation to complete this 4 week experience.


This program includes unlimited* access to Dawn via email support for the duration of the 4 week package.


Energetic exercises to ensure you feel resourceful at the end of the program. Reiki initiates & Energy Healers will expand their existing tools with fresh and creative approaches.
What are you waiting for?

Let's Launch!

*Some restrictions apply.


$888 CAD*



*Includes applicable taxes for a limited time.



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