Reiki is a safe, gentle, non-intrusive healing technique. It is a holistic system for balancing, aligning and harmonizing all aspects of the person - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This energy support system complements other healing practices to optimize the body's ability to access energetic resources for healing.



SR is an intuitive "story" based practice which I have developed to optimize clearing energetic blockages on all levels. This energy therapy modality integrates my own unique intuitive guidance – accessing symbols, patterns and story from the Divine Source & nature – to facilitate optimal energetic balance throughout each session.

The throat chakra is the gateway to the upper chakras; this energy center is all about the way we express ourselves through the spoken or written word and as such, creates a gateway to our emotions. When emotions remain stuck in the energetic system due to trauma or repressing painful experiences, this creates an impediment to the healthy energetic flow, affecting our well being on many levels.

  • the intensification and enriching of a musical tone by supplementary vibration;
  • a quality of richness or variety; and
  • a quality of evoking an emotional response

The resonance of the story or narrative infused in visualizations, intuitive messages and spoken/written words, further facilitate access to the subconscious memory of blocked emotions and traumas - helping to release them in a powerful yet gentle and loving framework - Reiki energy.


Reiki+SR will appeal to those who are on the path to actively seek/strengthen their own language of spiritual connection since it provides a framework of reference and support. The resonance of intuitive messages creates a synergy with the other components of the session, supporting the client in developing deep roots of worthiness and belonging. We remember who we truly are, and understand that we are not our circumstances but instead pure, loving energy - infinitely supported and loved. Soul level truths are revealed to assist in creating our own unshakable connection to our higher self and the divine source itself.

This work is deeply personal and requires a willingness on behalf of the client to explore, commit and value soul work. I am the Gatekeeper, able to hold the space for lasting change but ultimately, it is up to each soul to commit to their own unique path. Those who receive the most lasting results are deeply committed to the work required; they value the process and are willing to give and thus receive.

There are many paths but only one true destination - inner peace, love, purpose and authentic power.



After tuning into Reiki+SR, I utilize various techniques, one of which is to focus on the seven main chakras – energy centres at key points in the body. Each chakra is associated with different qualities/functions. The intuitive messages and imagery that presents during your session creates insight to further assist the transmutation of blocked energy. Used in combination with Reiki, blockages are released more efficiently and with greater ease. Results are often liberating: clarity, alignment with purpose and an amplification of energetic balance on all levels – physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.


In reviewing the intuitive results, through various forms of narration for long distance sessions and verbally at in person sessions, the overall beneficial effects of the treatment are amplified further: when we acknowledge energetic imprints/blockages in spoken or written form, we further accelerate the process of transmutation.


Therefore a Reiki+SR session provides a unique opportunity to embrace the high frequency energy of Reiki while forging a meaningful dialogue with the clearing process; as the resonance of the message increases the vibrational frequency of our energetic system, it creates a bridge to the subconscious mind to allow for deeper harmonization of all aspects of being in connecting with the wisdom of our higher selves. Reiki+SR is recommended when the client feels stuck, ready for change or is actively seeking to move to the next level of healing on the spiritual path.


For those who resonate with story and intuitive guidance, the benefit of utilizing both practices simultaneously is that the combined effect is greater than the sum of their separate effects – clearing and balancing is amplified on all levels – this is synergy in action.



🍃 enhances physical well being and overall wellness;

🍃 empowers intentions & re-wires unproductive patterns;

🍃 releases hidden ancestral traumas;

🍃 aids in pain relief and strengthens the immune system;

🍃 promotes peace of mind + relieves stress & anxiety;

🍃 amplifies spiritual connection, purpose and creativity;

🍃 deeply relaxing;

🍃 energizes, harmonizes and balances the connection between mind, body & spirit;

🍃 increases focus and energy levels;

🍃 helps clear feelings of being stuck or blocked to manifest new opportunities

How many sessions are needed for optimal results?

As a general rule of thumb, a series of three to five sessions (or more depending on how long the issue has been present) with several weeks in between is most beneficial for addressing specific energetic blocks. It often takes up to three weeks (21 days) to integrate the changes from a session. But depending on the nature of the issue, whether it is chronic or new, ingrained or transient, more or less sessions may be required for optimal results.

Accelerated weekly sessions over a period of 4 to 6 weeks may be beneficial for those interested in crushing through blocks...fast! Discuss this option with Dawn for further details.

Every individual is unique and therefore each of our path to well being is also unique. For those wishing to work with me on a more consistent basis, long term packages may be made available. As with any other well being practice, periodic sessions will help deal with issues as they arise to ensure they do not 'stick'. Think of it this way: we cannot eat healthy for a week and expect the results to last a lifetime. The same is true for energy healing.

What methods of payment do you accept?

I currently accept email transfer, check and cash. PayPal is now available as well.

May I share this with a friend?

Yes, please do! Keep in mind I only treat clients age 19 years and older.

What is your privacy policy?

All names and details of sessions are kept strictly confidential. I respect your privacy and enforce strict confidentiality while practicing Reiki+SR for all clients.

In providing this service to others and accessing information from divine source, there is a sacred trust created between the practitioner and client. I am keenly aware of this responsibility and the privilege it affords. A quote from Gary Zukav comes to mind:


"Authentic power requires conscious choice. Multi-sensory does not equal authentic power because the latter implies intention for the highest and greatest good."


Having "good intentions" as a Reiki+SR practitioner is not sufficient when providing this type of service because they are often attached to a certain outcome. During a session, I ask that energetic benefits/results be for the highest and greatest good as determined by the Divine Source or your higher consciousness. I leave my ego at the door. The focus of each session is about you and what you need on the path to optimal energetic harmonization; Reiki+SR is always provided in a safe, sacred space free from judgement or any attachment as to what the outcome may be. This session is about you. Period.

The same principal applies to the client: although it is vital to have focused intentions for each session, we must release all attachment as to what that may look like. The process often unfolds in awe inspiring ways that we could never have imagined in our wildest dreams. This is part of the magic. Rest assured, results are always for your highest and greatest good.

Feel free to share feedback with me after the session! All testimonials on this site and social media have been supplied by clients with their express permission to share.


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What should I do to prepare for a session?

Intention and committing to making the necessary changes for growth are key to lasting success in any area of life. In this respect, energy healing is no different. Without a willingness to move beyond limiting patterns, beliefs or to create change, all results will be short lived.

However, when we consciously make the choice to align more fully with our higher self, we shed energy blockages which may be holding us back from the full integration of our personal power and a more authentic and creative life. This is where expansion occurs.

Before a long distance session, find a spot to lie or sit quietly where you can relax and be uninterrupted for at least 60 minutes. Part of your session may include telephone interaction/guidance but usually ends with the client receiving Reiki+SR remotely after the conversation has ended. During this portion of a long distance session, you may listen to soft music or simply close your eyes and relax.

Many people feel:  tingling, peace, support, energized; receive insight; feel sad or even nothing at all. But regardless, be assured you are receiving the harmonizing energy of Reiki+SR.

Every person/experience is unique and even different sessions for the same individual may vary in experience. Long distance clients receive an emailed summary of the energetic findings and recommendations.


Free Ascension Tool for Subscribers

This unique visualization will assist the flow of energy to Ascend along your first 4 chakras:  ground yourself into calm, flow into creative expression, empower cherished intentions and settle into the connection and joy of heart coherence. Tap into your Soul's True Essence here:

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"I've done this Visualization for the last 4 days, and I love it! The first morning, I was amazed at how deep I went into the meditation, as I don’t practice meditation regularly these days; and I continue to go deep every time. Your voice seems to bring me to a deep level, similar to your energy when you gave me a Reiki treatment in person. I was so deep that I was able to receive messages every time, at the sacral chakra.

The visualization really connects me to my Higher Self as well as grounds me solidly. I have had a hard time stopping and meditating for a while, and I feel this will bring me back to it, and to writing in my journal too! I can feel how the energy is blocked at the heart chakra, and I hope this will help me release it so thank you so much for this wonderful aid!" 

—Jocelyne L | NB, Canada

What effects might I experience after the session?

[Note: this holds true for in person & long distance sessions]

Please ensure you are hydrated by drinking lots of water and fluid in the three days following the session. This helps facilitate any detox reaction that your physical body may experience during the clearing process.

It takes approximately three weeks (21 days) to fully integrate the changes to your energetic systems after each session as the energy centres through the body realign. Twenty one days is used as a general rule since it takes three cycles through all seven chakras for the clearing and integration of energy to be fully processed.

I would encourage you to pay attention to new ideas, perspectives, emotional memories of incidents from the past and your dreams following your session. As the mental/emotional body clears patterns/beliefs that no longer serve, first through releasing repressed emotions (this is often fleeting and should be allowed to pass through the body without judgement), we often receive epiphanies followed by a gradual change in perception which allows us to view our circumstances from a different perspective. This facilitates the release of limiting beliefs and mental/emotional patterns that no longer serve thereby creating a space for change and expansion.

I will arrange to contact you approximately one week after the session to discuss any areas which may need to be explored to allow for further releasing and integration. If you feel guided to discuss sooner than this time frame, simply contact me via email.

What kind of intuitive messages do you receive? Can I ask predictive questions?

I receive intuitive guidance which relates to your healing and the clearing process and as such is not predictive but more prescriptive so to speak. The messages I receive are simple truths which resonate on a soul level, often consisting of symbolic imagery and story, yet provide insight and a higher perspective.

The most profound messages from our higher selves are often beautifully simple - the details are usually what prevents us from seeing clearly. For an example of the type of insights I receive for clients during their sessions, go to the Testimonial page; one client in particular has shared in great detail regarding her experience of long distance Reiki+SR.

Where do “In Person” sessions take place?

In person sessions take place at FallRiver. More detailed information will be provided at the time the session is booked. Please note, there is a cat on the premises for those who have allergies. I am available most weekday mornings or early afternoons, with some flexibility built in for after hour appointments. Long distance sessions are very flexible and include evening and weekend hours.


  1. All new clients must complete a standardized form as per guidelines recommended by the Canadian Reiki Association. This form will be emailed to the client and must be completed and emailed back prior to the session.
  2. Payment must be received prior to the session.
  3. Absolutely no refunds except in the unlikely event that I am unable to perform the service on the agreed upon date or at any future date. In this case only, refunds will be permitted.
  4. In receiving this service, you acknowledge and fully consent that it does not in any way constitute medical advice and that it is not a substitute for any form of medical intervention. This is a complementary form of energy therapy and is usually beneficial in conjunction with other forms of therapy, medication or medical intervention. However, when in doubt, always consult with your medical practitioner. Dawn Williams is not liable for any misuse or interpretation of this information in any way shape or form; this information is strictly for your own personal use, prohibited for public distribution and is subject to copyright to Dawn Williams and/or 4Leaf4Life Reiki + Synergistic Resonance. Click here for a comprehensive list of terms and conditions which apply in addition to those stated above.


Reiki is recognized under the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada www.nhpcanada.org. Their listing describes Reiki as “…a whole-body treatment that strives to achieve optimal health and energetic health for its clients through reducing stress and promoting overall healing within the body.”


Still not sure what Reiki is? For detailed information on Reiki, check out this FAQ from the International Center for Reiki Training.




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