"Uncover your heart’s desire for HEALING, HEALTH and HAPPINESS." 

—Jo-Anne Cusack | Reiki Master/Teacher

"My Reiki+SR session with Dawn left me completely relaxed. A feeling of balance and empowerment came from the symbols and impressions Dawn shared with me after the session."

Reiki+SR leads us gently into the arms of the Divine Source. Supported and safe, we experience our true nature. This creates a softening, an opening. Barriers crumble. Possibilities shift. Healing begins.

—Dawn xo

Dawn Williams | Reiki Master/Teacher | BSc | BEd

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"I felt balanced in MIND, BODY and SPIRIT." 

—Chrissy Anne Hollis | Spiritual Coach | NB, Canada

"Dawn facilitated a long distance Reiki + Synergistic Resonance session for me. Before the session life felt like turmoil and unclear of what to do next. Dawn's session revealed insight that only the depths of my soul would have known and in that, came the answers of my next steps to take."




This work is powerful and personal, requiring a willingness to explore boundaries and value energy healing. Lasting results are rooted in a commitment to the process. Benefits of Reiki+SR:


🍀 enhances physical well being and overall wellness;

🍀 empowers intentions & re-wires unproductive patterns;

🍀 releases hidden lineage traumas;

🍀 aids in pain relief and strengthens the immune system;

🍀 promotes peace of mind + relieves stress & anxiety;

🍀 amplifies spiritual connection, purpose and creativity;

🍀 deeply relaxing;

🍀 energizes, harmonizes and balances the connection between mind, body & spirit;

🍀 increases focus and energy levels;

🍀 helps clear feelings of being stuck or blocked to manifest new opportunities

"My INTENTIONS for this session were met and BEYOND, it felt like everything was falling into place."

—Jocelyne Le Breton | NB, Canada

"What a synchronous event it was meeting Dawn and coming to see her for Reiki+SR. She received and passed on so much information and messages from Spirit. Dawn is very GIFTED and very generous with her time and WISDOM, and I am very grateful to her. And I thank Noah too for leading her on this path!"

Usui/Tibetan Reiki - In Person

Single Session - 60 Minutes

$75 CAD

The focus of this session is to harness the restorative and harmonizing qualities of Reiki. While guided by Dawn's intuition, this session doesn't include SR intuitive messages.

  • Reiki is a powerful and natural system that unlocks the inner flow of vital energy to achieve optimal well being.
  • It is a natural wellness system that is in perfect harmony with other healing techniques and practices. Reiki is an energy support system that complements other healing practices.

In Person Intuitive Reiki+SR

Single Session - 90 Minutes

$90 CAD

Reiki+SR promotes balance, alignment and deep relaxation. The session also facilitates a bridge to the root of buried emotional strongholds enabling subtle shifts of energy to activate healing on all 4Leafs.

  • Sessions are guided by Reiki, story, symbolism and the profound ingenuity of the Divine Source.
  • Extra time is built into this appointment to discuss intentions, intuitive messages and allow for any questions you may have after the session.

Long Distance Intuitive Reiki+SR

Single Session

$111 CAD

A unique and creative long distance session. Time and space are irrelevant to our connection. Quantum physics explains it. In truth, I cannot but when you commit to you, there are no limits! Long distance sessions offer a creative solution for busy lifestyles because busy shouldn't equal limited.

  • Sessions are guided by Reiki, story, symbolism and the profound ingenuity of the Divine Source.
  • We connect prior to your session to discuss intentions via Zoom or phone.
  • You receive a long distance Reiki+SR session created for your individual needs.
  • A written report of energetic "Discoveries" from your session is emailed to you within 2 business days of your appointment.

SIGNATURE PROGRAM - Contact Dawn to Apply

Multiple Sessions for Maximum Impact

$500 CAD

Supporting soul led women committed to Empower an Intention, move through Resistance or seek Clarity.

  • 3 months, creating a customized framework to amplify results. 3 sessions of Reiki+SR, both in person & long distance sessions are included in this offer.
  • 3 follow up Zoom/phone/email sessions accessing Dawn's ReikiVision to clarify and hone results PLUS custom practices to enhance your alignment/elevation. Visualizations & tools to ground, centre and clear your energy body are provided, resulting in amplification of results.
  • These sessions harness Dawn's unique ability to connect a complicated matrix of patterns and stories to see a higher purpose. Resulting in feelings of peace, well being and alignment, allowing you to open doors of possibilities that once seemed inaccessible.

"Long Distance Reiki+SR was exactly what I needed in order to work through THOUGHT and EMOTIONAL patterns which no longer served my higher PURPOSE." 

—Sherene K | Halifax, NS

"Dawn is a very talented INTUITIVE. I received guidance and CLARITY through working with her in a series of distance Intuitive Reiki+SR sessions with guided visualizations. Dawn’s empathy, the insights she provided, and her sincerity and warmth worked together well to give me a RICH experience that I won't soon forget. It was a fascinating experience from which I BENEFITTED GREATLY, I feel blessed to have had her be a part of my process. I recommend her to anyone who is seeking assistance with spiritual matters."

A. Payment Details:

  • All prices shown in CAD and include applicable taxes for a limited time.
  • Options for payment include EmailTransfer, PayPal, Cash or Check.
  • For clients residing outside Canada, PayPal (including the option to pay by credit card even if you do not have a PayPal account) will be the method of payment.

    Reiki+SR Services

    B. Soul Inspired WOMEN May Apply to Work with Dawn:

    Include the following:
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    • Dates and times you are available


Dawn Williams BSc, BEd, is a Reiki Master/Teacher of Usui/Tibetan Reiki. Using Reiki+Synergistic Resonance (SR), her private sessions and unique workshops infuse the divine frequency of Reiki with claircognizant story – supporting vibrational clarity and well-being.
A self-proclaimed Cloud Whisperer, Dawn has a deep affinity to nature, manifesting in a unique ability to intuitively perceive symbolic messages and patterns in client sessions and... clouds!
In 2016, Dawn received the Beacon of Hope award in recognition of her efforts to create awareness for grief following her fourteen-year-old son’s tragic death. Passionate about story and its ability to tap into deep emotional healing, her work has been published in the Huffington Post, Woman’s World and The Mighty.


In booking/receiving this service, you acknowledge and fully consent that it does not in any way constitute medical advice and that it is not a substitute for any form of medical intervention. This is a complementary form of energy therapy and is usually beneficial in conjunction with other forms of therapy, medication or medical intervention. However, when in doubt, always consult with your medical practitioner. As in all energy therapy, potential results reside within you, there are no guarantees. Click here for a comprehensive list of terms and conditions which apply.

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