Part 4 - Power Animals & Primeval Voices
The spirit of eagle pops out from this photo as I explore symmetry. Photo copyright to Dawn Williams.

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SYMBOLISM rocks my world.
No, seriously, I’m fascinated by the symbolic meaning of… EVERYTHING. Now, does this mean I believe nothing occurs by chance, that everything is ‘meant’ to be?
My answer is yes… and no.
I DO believe that we come here with a mission, to learn lessons, be with certain people and experience pre-determined events and situations that allow us to grow and expand.
However, I also believe we all have FREE WILL which means in any given moment, with millions of people exercising their free will choices, it is unlikely that all will go as ‘planned’.

Now here is the truly mind-boggling thing I believe to be true:  the universe while definitely not random, IS infinitely resourceful in ‘recalculating’ after each minuscule & major UNPREDICTABLE change ripples through the continuum.

Everything resets, creating meaning despite chaos, or at least that’s my view of how it works. So, every time I encounter a symbol or synchronicity, I am in awe of the incredible reorganizing powers of the universe and how we are supported each and every minute – no matter what goes DOWN.
Let’s face it, ‘sh@#t’ goes down.


Remember the polar bear I saw formed in the ice (Part 1)? This spirit animal taught me to survive the harsh landscape of grief. Well, he resurfaced again with a twist. In April 2016, I was flying home from Florida. Our plane was delayed so I was surfing Facebook for a diversion.

There on my feed was the most glorious painting of a brown bear with rainbow edged fur. He practically sizzled on the page. His energy spoke to me on a level that is difficult to explain. From that time on, he would sometimes appear. Morphing into polar bear, brown bear and rainbow hued bear. Waxing and waning in my subconscious, never fully formed but present nonetheless.

“What does it mean?” I wondered.
There was no answer.
Time flowed by and I forgot about this bear spirit. That is, until Christmas 2018 holidays. Immersed in reading a Reiki Shamanism book, I was having the epiphany that I wanted to find my power animal for several reasons. One of which was to create energetic boundaries on shamanic journeys and when stepping into non ordinary reality. Looking up, my glance landed on several Christmas cards displayed on a nearby table.
Gasping, my gaze was held by the black eyes of a glorious polar bear. Like the reels of a movie, I saw him morph from polar bear into brown bear. I suddenly understood that my power animal had been waiting for me all this time. His powerful gaze said, "Here I AM."
With chills running down my spine, I thought, “What now?”

How did I merge with him for protection? There were no instructions, no manual. The bear offered none. Was the idea of merging with a power animal  purely symbolic?

I just didn’t know and I was afraid of SPIDERS, lol! (Read Part 3 if this is a mystery).
But I was one step closer.


I think I spend too much time on Facebook because this is where the drumming circle surfaced into my awareness as well.
I mean, there it was.
Held at a nearby venue on an evening I was free - it called to me. I asked a few friends but no-one was available for that night. Even though I was nervous, I pushed myself to go, determined to step outside my comfort zone on that cold January evening.
Karen was warm and friendly and welcomed me into her drumming circle. She even lent me her drum! The evening passed quickly as I thoroughly enjoyed each component of this event.
It was during our last extended drumming that I heard it.
Startled, I stopped and looked at the others. They continued drumming as if nothing had happened.
They didn’t hear it...them...
Gingerly, I began drumming once more.

There it was again. It was unmistakable. In wonder, I kept drumming as the ancient, primeval sounds of the ancestors joined our voices. It was thrilling and slightly unnerving, an echo from another realm.

So when I saw on Facebook that Karen was offering the Munay-ki Rites in March, I signed up immediately, not understanding what I was getting myself into…

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Stay tuned for Part V and how I finally merged with my power animal and other things….

Sending love and light to all,
Dawn xo Reiki Master | BSc | BEd

PS - This story is from my personal experience and is offered from that vantage only. I am not trained as a Shamanic practitioner and all information noted above is depicted as accurately as is possible given my experience and current knowledge. While I do incorporate some shamanic practices in my work, I am a Reiki practitioner first and foremost with the utmost respect for the work of Shamanic practitioners.

Dawn Williams is a Reiki Master in the Usui Shiki Ryoho/Tibetan Reiki Method of Natural Healing. Her work infuses Reiki with the Resonance of Symbolism & Intuitive Story. Open the Portal of Services below to UnEarth your Wings and soar to limitless possibilities. In person and long distance services provided.

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Story and images Copyright to Dawn Williams/4Leaf4Life Reiki+Synergistic Resonance.

Power Animals & Primeval Voices
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