I had a huge realization last summer.
It converged around an ambiguous message I received four years ago from the spirit of my son... it was one word...
What does it mean?
I keep unravelling the many nuances of this simple yet profound message.
If I am to fully integrate mind, body and soul I must accept... everything...
The polar opposites within me...
Within you...
If everything is right... then what is wrong?
Where do I belong? My beliefs are just that... not right or wrong! #moveoverdrseuss 😂
Okay, okay but seriously folks...
Who am I without my beliefs?
In that realization, I suddenly understood the paradox...
I need to believe in something... and yet if I name it and crystalize it, I am excluding everything else🤔🤪
In this place of everything, no one thing is better or worse... just a different experience.
I released my attachment and instead of bliss... I was empty.
A blank slate.
I felt like I had learned what I had written in my soul contract and all I could think was, "What now?!"
I was given a choice. Enjoy the fruits of my experience and lead a peaceful, quiet life in this state of non duality or...
Renegotiate my soul contract...
Don't you see?
I wasn't ready to sail off quietly into the sunset... so I chose the latter. I'm excited and scared but in this time of change and great need, I choose growth. I'm presently in contract negotiations lol
I don't think this is just me... does this resonate, is it your experience too?
Then the question becomes, "What will you do?" #ascension #soulcontracts

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The Paradox of Belief
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