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“Do you want to try a shamanic journey?” Krista asked. She was a friend of a friend.
It was 2016, a little over a year since my 14 year old son, Noah, had died of cancer. I was searching, exploring many spiritual avenues for answers and the possibility of connecting with my child.
Reiki, writing and cloud wisdom were high on my list of healing energies but I was open. So open…
What did I have to lose?
I had already lost EVERYTHING.
So, I looked up shamanic journeying on the internet and this is what I found from Sounds True:
“The practice of shamanism allows you to develop a relationship with the spiritual forces in your life – and to build a sense of trust, wisdom, insight and healing for the energy you receive.
The shamanic journey is the art of using rhythm (drumming) and intention to enter an altered state of consciousness in order to connect with the spiritual dimension of reality.”
There were 3 realms: the upper world, middle world and lower world. Each had various qualities and purposes and I wasn’t sure I quite understood exactly what they were!


My emailed response was short and to the point, “When can we journey?”


The sun illuminated the living room of Krista’s little apartment. I didn’t know her very well but she was kind and very knowledgeable about many spiritual practices. She was also willing to help a broken heart try every avenue possible to find peace.
I had a question. It was a burning need to know whether Noah was safe…happy…peaceful.
"Explain what the different worlds mean, Krista." It all felt so surreal.
“Each of the worlds have different qualities. The lower world is where we find our power animals and is landscaped like ordinary natural geography to most people. It's filled with spirit helpers who take animal form and are there almost as an extension of ourselves."
Krista paused for a moment, making sure I was following along. I nodded for her to continue.
"They help us explore our own true nature and heal spiritually. They contain a piece of our basic, full powerful selves. This is why we seek them – they help us return to our wholeness.”
“The upper world is where we usually find spirit teachers who provide guidance and teach us in divination or healing. We go to the upper world for growth.”
Krista explained that I really had to experience and determine what each world meant to me and not allow myself to be led by preconceived ideas.
“What’s the middle world?” I asked in curiosity.
She had noted that we would be journeying twice – once to the lower world and then to the upper world. But there had been no mention of journeying to the middle world.
“The middle world is where we enter immediately after leaving our body on the shamanic journey. It is before we enter a portal to either the lower or upper worlds. It is difficult to explain but it’s like a non-ordinary mirror of ordinary reality.”
Noting the confusion in my eyes, she continued, “Nature spirits and other earth bound spirits may be found here - the middle world is not guided by benevolence or human morality. In some ways it's just like in ordinary reality, where people and events carry the potential for creating confusion, disruption or in other ways affecting our lives in negative ways. Only in the non-ordinary reality middle world, this relates to spirits and energies. It’s not for beginners. It’s complex to explain.”
‘Nuff said.
“We'll journey to the lower world first and meet your power animal.”
“Can I set an intention - seek the answer to a question?” I really wanted an answer.
“Well, on the first journey, it’s really about meeting and finding your power animal,” she said with a smile.
My heart sank a little.
That is, until her next words.
“On our second journey, you can ask a question.”
We did some initial preparations, set our intention and then the rhythmic beat of the drum recording filled the room.


I sank back into the cushions, took a deep breath and thought, "Can I really do this?"


Was this really happening?

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Sending love and light to all,
Dawn xo Reiki Master | BSc | BEd

PS - This story is from my personal experience and is offered from that vantage only. I am not trained as a shamanic practitioner and all information noted above is depicted as accurately as is possible given my experience and current knowledge. While I do incorporate some shamanic practices in my work, I am a Reiki practitioner first and foremost with the utmost respect for the work of Shamanic practitioners.

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Journey to the Lower World: It’s Not What you Think
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