Recently, I sat in a circle with many beautiful souls to bear witness to their stories and had a leap of faith to share my own. It was supportive and nurturing, this circle in time.


A few days later, I was exploring the downtown area with my daughter and she brought my attention to some great street art. The images were powerful and striking and she asked me to take a picture of one particular wall with a painting of a bull; his horns were curved into a circle embracing a red bull’s eye in the middle. I wondered what the artist was thinking when they painted this scene?  What do you think? [See cover photo.]


I suppose a bull’s eye is symbolic of aiming for a target and having fixed goals in the continuum of life. Creating our own goals and having the courage to aim and claim our prize, is something we all strive to accomplish. Looking at the symbolism of bull, some of the descriptions that stand out to me are passion, transformation, strength and fulfillment.


Hmmm, very interesting.


After lunch, we decided to explore the Halifax Public Library on Spring Garden road. What a great space! As we explored I noticed a section devoted to native american literature and art; in the middle of this space was a huge seating area in the shape of a circle. It set my imagination on fire thinking how great it would be to sit and share with like minded souls in that circle.


On our way out, the beautiful sounds of music and singing drifted from one of the rooms we passed. Upon taking a closer look we discovered it was an acoustic guitar circle with all levels of expertise welcomed. I stood transfixed by the music, staring in the windows in fascination until I received a look from one of the participants leaving me with the realization that my staring was kind of creepy lol.


The sudden emergence of the pattern of circles and what they signified was fascinating to me. It is beyond interesting to me that once you begin to take notice of these patterns, the Universe gives back by sending even more!


Looking back over the last few months it is interesting to note that other circles have come into my awareness. Here are two from Mother’s day just passed:




Only the other day I was walking around my garden and noticed the perfect round bud of some peonies.  As I looked at this bud I was amazed to think that when it unfurled and blossomed fully it would be a magnificent pink bloom. I was struck by its simplicity, the wonder of knowing what magic was brewing in this single, pure bud which represented promise and infinite potential!




So what was my lesson from the circle, I wondered? What shape or purpose could it hold for me right now, in this place and time?


If you look up the symbolism of circle you will find a wealth of information. The circle typifies wholeness in its completion without beginning and end. It is representative of timeless cycles of the earth and the universe such as the seasons and the ebb and flow of the ocean to name a few. In its most simplistic, expansive form it represents all that is, the universe, God and all of creation.


Circles also represent birth, death and rebirth in every sense.


Pretty powerful stuff isn’t it?


As I reflected back on that circle of sharing, I realized each person held their place in the circle. We created a continuum of safety and sharing for each person.


Maybe this shape promoted a feeling of oneness, wholeness…ebb and flow…our experiences flowing together to form a more complete experience for us all? Perhaps that is one message I can take from the circle. That when we come together and speak our truths, it creates a circle of empathy and healing which creates a more connected, complete experience for everyone.


This seemed so relevant to my personal experience of late. Recently, I have had opportunities to revisit old patterns that no longer served me and fling them from my circle of healing. I had the courage to write Noah’s end in a manner I know he would approve of and which had been elusive for the last year. And so as my book evolves, I continue to reveal more and more of the story. As each block is removed, my story becomes more real, more complete, giving the book a wholeness and fullness rich with experience and growth.


And it is a book of beginnings and endings…and rebirth. A continuum of life just like the circle that keeps showing up. Since the circle is symbolic of continuity with no beginning or end, maybe it is also a message that we are all together in this circle of life and death and for now we are just resting at a fixed point. Soon we will be joined with our loved ones from the other side and continue together on this circle in the continuum of spiritual existence.




So I think the Universe and my angel are telling me to just GO.FOR.IT. Be true to me and everything will fall into place in this circle of healing. Maybe that explains my recent bulls eye in the sky. Aim taken, purpose redefined, I am picking up another arrow:




Today’s ramblings have been brought to you by the letter “o” or you may also know him as circle.

What symbols have you seen lately?
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Circles of Rebirth
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2 thoughts on “Circles of Rebirth

  • June 14, 2017 at 11:38 am

    Love it…..grateful for the letter ‘0’ 🙂

    Love the feeling of Being in the circle of healing…..trusting, loving and LIVING….

    • June 14, 2017 at 12:28 pm

      My first experience of being in a circle of healers. I know it won’t be my last. Thank you for sharing your gifts in this infinite circle of healing! xo

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