The all encompassing power of love is greater than the mere word can convey.


Its force is what holds us all together and conversely, has the capacity to rip us into shreds. Our lives would be a meaningless vacuum without loving connections.


Last year, I had a revelation while walking around the neighbourhood with some friends. The day was gray and icy cold and it felt so wonderful to catch up ...until ...

Turning the corner, I looked up expectantly at a tree which I had encountered on one of our past walks. But it wasn’t just any tree. You see, I had noticed the word "LOVE" spelled in its barren branches.



Now, standing before this tree, I noticed with a tinge of dismay that recent high winds had broken the branch containing the letter "E."


Love was broken, stripped of its very ending.



It made me melancholy for a moment - this broken love. I think we can all relate. Who hasn't felt the searing pain of a broken love affair or deep chasm of sorrowful loss in losing a loved one? Or maybe even the despairing betrayal of self love as we ignore our own inner truth in search of social conformity. If we cannot depend on our own unconditional love, everything else unravels.


As I pointed the broken letters out to my friends, one asked with curiosity, "Aren't you going to take a photo, Dawn?"


Because THEY know.


They know me so well, these dear friends. That’s what I do. I take photographs of whatever whispers to my truth, that part of me that KNOWS. And secrets are usually revealed. So I obliged. Later that day I quite enjoyed my photos of past love - broken love - with the sun peeking through the branches.

I realized a spark of wisdom was being offered by that little light. As if it were saying, "The ‘E’ was silent anyway Dawn. It's just a word. The physical shell of the tree, of us all, may perish but spirit never dies. It's the emotion and connection of those past loves that matter and can never be broken. They remain whole inside us, their essence forever joined with ours.”


And I gratefully received the photograph's hidden message - that of 'broken love'. I imagine the universe was showing us symbolically that we all have the option of releasing past loves or embodying their glory. Everything in the physical will end some day. That's a fact. But it's the vibration of our energetic connection with those loves we cherish, that can never be broken.


So on this Valentine's Day, as we celebrate many forms of love with both joy and sorrow, thank you for your message dear tree:

"Branches break, limbs collapse, the word love may fracture but true love never dies."


Sending love and light to all,

Dawn xo Reiki Master | BSc | BEd
Dawn Williams is a Reiki Master in the Usui Shiki Ryoho/Tibetan Reiki Method of Natural Healing. Her work infuses Reiki with the Resonance of Symbolism & Intuitive Story. Open the Portal of Services to discover how to plug in to your own inner magic. In person and long distance services provided.

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Broken Love: A Valentine Tale
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