Are You a First Embodier?


This week, I was challenged to journal every day to reconnect with Spirit through the age old method of stream of consciousness. A word was offered for me to reflect on, it is "perspective."


Less than an hour after the gauntlet was thrown down (lol), the following words jumped out at me while listening to a video on Sandra Walter's website:



"We use expanded perspective to create expanded choice, freedom and ascension for all. It is a gift to be one of the first embodiers."

~ Sandra Walter, Ascension Guide & Gatekeeper




I knew it was a message.


You see, since 2015 and the death of my son, I've been walking around 'listening' with a pounding heart.


It has given me a whole different 'perspective.' An elevated state of being that has transcended the density of grief and suffering.


And just like that, I suddenly realized I've been walking around in 5D all this time without understanding from a brain perspective! You see,  5D isn't about logical thinking... it's  the realm of high vibe FEELINGS...


Unconditional Love.







In this 5D space of unconditional love, we feel the messages of Gaia with wide open hearts, listen to the whispers of clouds, trees and ancient ones formed from everything in the natural world to guide us... and heck, yes, even patterns in manmade substances.


Confession: I see numbers, patterns plus yes and no answers in my carpet when I ask for quick guidance! Maybe you do too...


In this 5D Reality: 


We ask a question and move out of the way to receive without judgement.


We enter a neutral space of equanimity, creating healthy, glowing boundaries.


We love without clinging or claiming possession...


... and allow that which doesn't resonate to leave, to melt away in organic dissolution.


Without judgement, derision or guilt... but instead with love and compassion.


But what if we aren't aware of what is happening and we resist the process?


Then we may feel stuck.


Caught in patterns that are demanding to be released or healed. Everything falls apart. Because it's not aligned to our new vibration. If we are unaware of this and aren't supported, it may be a challenging process.


If this is you, what can you do?


  • Start small, make small changes. The butterfly effect holds true here - a very small change in initial conditions may, at a later date, create significant changes in outcomes. One thing is for sure, if nothing changes... then... nothing changes. Go to the gym at a different time of day, sit in a different chair, wear a new colour...


  • Create a regular grounding practice to come back into your body. Your feelings will guide you as to what feels good versus what feels stale, non growth oriented or just NO.


  • Say Yes, if it feels good. Say No if it doesn't resonate. In this phase of growth, we are being guided to elevate ... to align with our highest and greatest timelines.


  • Work with an energy healer or coach that you trust! There are many beautiful souls out there, choose someone who resonates. See below for a new offer from my heart to yours, designed to amplify and activate your ascension tools in this new energy. Plus FREE offers for Subscribers!

Reiki+SR Launch Pad Package


So, I've been thinking, "How I can best support this process for others?" and the Universe replied lol. This package is designed to launch you into your highest flight path for the optimum potential that is available for you NOW.


Right here in this moment.


It's an opportunity to work in a very focused way over the span of a month to bust through blocks, empower your dream and move ahead with confidence.


I will open up 2-3 spots each month to work with me in this way.


Are you hearing the call of Reiki+SR Launch Pad? I'd love to answer any questions you have.

"Four years ago, I had a dream that expanded my vision, my understanding of what was possible. Some dreams are more than dreams, they are our soul's way of alchemizing change and propelling us towards our greatest destiny...."



I'm committed to sharing the energy of Reik+SR with you to awaken and further develop your unique gifts. Here are some FREE ways I have created to further amplify your gifts:

1. Monthly group Reiki+SR energy shares for subscribers of 4Leaf4Life. In January, we focused on healing a physical issue with a custom visualization and Reiki energy. Some feedback from participants was "It felt exceptional" and "I've never experienced that before, very cool!"
2. Free Ascension Visualization for subscribers to liberate dense energy in the first three chakras to ascend to the heart chakra (see below);
3. Special incentives and bonuses for subscribers; and
4. Daily inspiration and guidance from my soul star chakra on Instagram and Facebook!

Healing ReSources >>

Sending love and light to all,
Dawn xo Reiki Master | BSc | BEd

Dawn Williams is a self-professed, Cloud Whispering Reiki Master based in NS, Canada. Her work infuses the Divine frequency of Reiki with her innate ability to tap into patterns, symbolic references and intuitive story to evoke profound soul-based connections and energetic shifts. Dawn's private practice currently serves clients in Canada & the US.
Passionate about story, her work has been published in the Huffington Post, Woman’s World and The Mighty. Recent collaborations include offering Reiki Attunements, unique Reiki infused workshops and experiential opportunities for a growing community of Reiki initiates.

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Are you a first Embodier?
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