"I've discovered something INCREDIBLE through REIKI+SR: the profound MAGIC & HEALING that's possible when we connect with our DIVINE EssenceSubtle shifts in energy create openings for unimagined possibilities. It's a deep privilege to help clients experience the vibrational purity of Source energy." —Dawn

Get Dawn's BODY/SPIRIT Chakra Connection! This Unique Visualization will Ground, Center & Empower you by Aligning your First 4 Chakras.

"I've done the Body/Spirit Chakra Visualization for the last 4 days, and I love it! The first morning, I was amazed at how deep I went into the meditation, as I don’t practice meditation regularly these days; and I continue to go deep every time. Your voice seems to bring me to a deep level, similar to your energy when you gave me a Reiki treatment in person. I was so deep that I was able to receive messages every time, at the sacral chakra.

The meditation really connects me to my Higher Self as well as grounds me solidly. I have had a hard time stopping and meditating for a while, and I feel this will bring me back to it, and to writing in my journal too! I can feel how the energy is blocked at the heart chakra, and I hope this will help me release it so thank you so much for this wonderful aid!"
—Jocelyne Le Breton-DeSilva | NB, Canada


"Dawn is a truly GIFTED healer; I highly recommend her unique approach to energy work to help TRANSFORM your life!"

—Amy Dempster | Montana, US

"In my long distance Reiki+SR session with Dawn, I’d asked her if she could focus her work on my left hip. I’d had unexplained pain in this hip off and on for at least 20 years. Every doctor, chiropractor and massage therapist I’d seen had told me there was no medical explanation for the pain.

I didn’t expect to be able to relieve the pain but hoped that Dawn could receive some intuitive information about where the pain was coming from. As it turned out, this session opened up an energetic portal that allowed for complete healing of this pain.

Dawn received a message that the pain was related to contracts my ancestors had agreed to in their lives that did not align with mine. She was able to burn those contracts and remove much of the associated blockages in my chakras and energy field. In the weeks after my session, my ancestors continued to come forward to complete the healing work and as a result, the pain has completely disappeared for the first time in my adult life."

this is a test

Hey, I'm Dawn Williams BSc | BEd

Your soul speaks to me in metaphor, what story needs to be witnessed or released to accelerate your healing?

Ready to Step Beyond Ordinary?

I see you beautiful soul, you're at a crossroads. Moving forward is difficult but going back is not an option. You've come too far to stay stuck!
Reiki+SR unearths the root of hidden emotional lineage legacies, karmic patterns, & mental/emotional imprints, helping you reclaim Joy & Transcend stories, patterns & judgements which limit your Optimal Well Being.
"Reiki+SR was exactly what I needed in order to work through THOUGHT and EMOTIONAL patterns which no longer served my higher PURPOSE." 

—Sherene K | Halifax, NS

"Dawn is a very talented INTUITIVE. I received guidance and CLARITY through working with her in a series of distance Intuitive Reiki+SR sessions with guided visualizations. Dawn’s empathy, the insights she provided, and her sincerity and warmth worked together well to give me a RICH experience that I won't soon forget. It was a fascinating experience from which I BENEFITTED GREATLY, I feel blessed to have had her be a part of my process. I recommend her to anyone who is seeking assistance with spiritual matters."

How Does Reiki+SR Work?

Embraced in the heart of Reiki, a narrative of metaphor, symbols and ancient wisdom emerges. During our sessions, the energy of these hidden stories is witnessed, released, healed or integrated back into your awareness, creating subtle yet profound shifts over time.

My gifts allow me to hear without ears, see without eyes... to root you deeply as we reach for the stars. I use the energy of Reiki to hold the space for clients who hear the call.



"Dawn has a truly UNIQUE gift and INTUITIVE awareness for tapping into how the body speaks. She has the ability to ZONE in on issues that need the utmost HEALING."

—Annette Vidito | NS, Canada

"My Reiki experience with Dawn was amazing. The treatment was so clearing and calming, even weeks later this continues to resonate with me. Instantly, I could feel the SHIFT that removed all that I was carrying around. I would recommend this treatment and experience with Dawn. It will be a continual part of caring for me."

"Dawn's ability to TUNE in to her client's energy is her GIFT."

—Tracy Ernst | NS, Canada

"She uses this gift to make each session individual, personal and healing. Energy blocks can be released and growth and healing accelerated. The lasting effects of my in person Reiki+SR session with Dawn are still with me. I would recommend Dawn to anyone who wishes to discover their full potential and connect more deeply with their authentic self."


  • REIKI is a Holistic therapy which promotes deep relaxation, supporting the body to tap into its natural ability to restore Optimal Wellness.
  • SYNERGISTIC RESONANCE (SR) harnesses my innate ability to tap into patterns, Symbolic references & Intuitive Story to evoke profound soul based connections and energetic shifts. REIKI+SR supports and encourages deep inner Awareness and spiritual Growth.

"After Dawn revealed the symbols she saw for me, my insecurities went away. I regained CONFIDENCE in my ability to make decisions and it felt really good."

—Céline Rouillard | NS, Canada

"During this in person session, I experienced some unusual sensations such as an electrical current running along my body, a strong heat radiating between my body and her hands and I felt a ball of fire rushing out of my brain."

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"For me this was a journey that was unexpected but so EMPOWERING!"

—Dawn Snow | NS, Canada

"It is the first time I have really listened to and experienced my truth. I have a mind that seldom shuts off, so for Dawn to have my mind open in this way was truly amazing."





Testimonials on this website are representative of best case scenarios, illustrating the limitless potential of Reiki+SR. Many of the experiences noted above represent the culmination of several sessions as the client commits to deep inner work. Potential results reside within you, there are no guarantees. Reiki+SR is a complementary form of energy therapy but is not a substitute for any type of medical treatment. Always consult with your medical practitioner/therapist.

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